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Warehouse Lighting Savings

In order to maintain an efficient and safe warehouse, it’s necessary to have the proper lighting. Traditional incandescent lighting day after day, week after week, and year after year can be extremely expensive. Now high efficiency LED lighting can offer an environmentally conscience, quality lighting option with a great return on investment.

LED lighting products are designed to give better light at a lower cost, all while helping out the environment! Savings, on average, can be up to 25 – 50%. Additional benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Uses dramatically less energy than traditional warehouse lighting solutions
  • Provides a clear and crisp work environment
  • Requires fewer, more effective fixtures which reduce costs

Not satisfied? Click here to learn about our stock of LED Lighting for your warehouse. However, if you’re ready to retrofit your existing fixtures, or discuss lighting for your new facility, contact your nearest Andersen Material Handling location for a complete line of LED and high efficiency fluorescent lighting solutions.

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